CV2201 Erhardt Leimer

CV2201 Erhardt Leimer, a hallmark of innovation and precision in the textile industry, represents Microtex Corporation’s commitment to delivering advanced automation solutions. This specialized system, integral to enhancing operational efficiency and fabric quality control, illustrates Microtex’s expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology into the textile manufacturing process.



Aspect Details
Company Overview Microtex Corporation specializes in textile/hosiery machinery and automation solutions, focusing on electrical, mechanical, electronics, and instrumentation automation.
Industry Experience Over 13 years of experience in providing innovative technologies and solutions.
Product Range Offers a wide array of machinery, laboratory equipment, machinery spares, and accessories for textile and non-textile industries.
Industries Served Textile, beverage, pet & perform testing, packaging, steel, chemical, oil & gas, and windmill industries.
Popular Categories Textile machinery, yarn preparatory machinery, laundry finishing equipment, dyeing & finishing machinery spares, and industrial automation.
Notable Products API Pneumatic Cylinders, Novotecnic Rotary Potentiometers, Pizzato Limit Switches, and Allen Bradley – POWERFLEX AC Drives.
Headquarters Kolkata, India.
Global Representation Exclusive representative for Gesint S.r.l., A.P.I. S.r.l., Italvalvole┬« S.a.s and a leading reseller for Eliar Elektronik San. A.┼×., and others in India and Bangladesh.


Microtex Corporation, with over a decade of experience, has carved a niche in the realm of textile/hosiery machinery and automation solutions. Operating from Kolkata, India, this privately owned company has become a pivotal figure in enhancing productivity, reliability, and efficiency across various industries.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Microtex Corporation’s product line is comprehensive, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial needs. From API Pneumatic Cylinders to advanced Novotecnic Rotary Potentiometers and versatile Pizzato Limit Switches, the company ensures a wide selection to meet diverse operational demands. Their commitment extends beyond just supplying equipment; they aim to offer solutions that significantly improve the production quality and service of their clients.

Serving Diverse Industries

The versatility of Microtex Corporation is evident in its wide industrial reach. Serving sectors from the textile and beverage industries to more heavy-duty fields like steel, chemical, and oil & gas, Microtex demonstrates its ability to adapt and provide for various machinery and automation needs. This diversity underscores the company’s expertise and the high trust placed in them by industries across the spectrum.

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

Innovation is at the heart of Microtex Corporation’s operations. With a focus on developing products that advance customer objectives, Microtex is dedicated to continuous improvement. Their approach to open communication and ongoing support exemplifies their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering long-term relationships.


Microtex Corporation stands out for its comprehensive solutions in the textile/hosiery machinery and automation sectors. With a robust product range, extensive industry coverage, and an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Microtex is your go-to partner for advancing industrial productivity and efficiency.


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