Fongs Dyeing Machine Spares

Microtex Corporation, a leading entity with over 13 years of industry experience, excels in offering a vast range of textile machinery and spares, including Fong’s Dyeing Machine Spares. Specializing in both used and new textile equipment, Microtex serves as an exclusive representative for several prestigious brands and is the top reseller for advanced electronic and mechanical components suited for textile manufacturing and dyeing processes​​​​​​.



Fong’s Dyeing Machine Spares Overview

  • Actuators and Clamps: Essential for the precise control of machinery movements.
  • Allen Bradley POWERFLEX AC Drives: Offers a range of AC drives for varied operational needs.
  • Eliar Level and Pressure Transmitters: Key components for monitoring and controlling fluid levels and pressure within dyeing machines.
  • Gesint Switches and Sensors: Specialized components for monitoring and controlling various parameters crucial for dyeing operations.
  • Fong’s PLC28ex Module: A specialized module for Fong’s dyeing machines, ensuring optimal performance.

Special Features

Microtex’s offerings are characterized by their contribution to operational efficiency, such as labor, space, and cost savings. Notably, Fong’s Jumbotec Dyeing Machine is highlighted for its industrial application, showcasing models capable of handling varied capacities from 300kg to 1800kg​​.

Fong’s Jumbotec Dyeing Machine


  • Models range from 300kg capacity to 1800kg, including HSJ models with capacities of 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, and 1500kg.
  • Designed for industrial use, highlighting the versatility and capability of Fong’s technology to meet different production needs.

Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine

Microtex also features a broader category of textile dyeing and finishing machines, with products like the low liquor ratio fabric dyeing machine from Saver, Turkey. This machine offers significant operational savings and an opportunity to recover initial investment costs within six months​​.

Operational Benefits

  • Minimum 50% labor-saving
  • 50% space-saving on site
  • Spare part costs can be reduced by 50%
  • Features allowing for early delivery of products to customers


Microtex Corporation stands out as a pivotal supplier of Fong’s Dyeing Machine Spares and other crucial textile machinery components. By offering a wide array of spares and machinery, including the versatile Fong’s Jumbotec Dyeing Machine, Microtex caters to a broad spectrum of industrial textile manufacturing needs. With a commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and operational excellence, Microtex continues to support the textile industry’s evolving demands.


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