GELEC – Seam Detector – SDS 6000

Microtex Corporation proudly presents the GELEC Seam Detector SDS 6000, a pinnacle of innovation designed to revolutionize the textile and apparel manufacturing industries. With its advanced detection capabilities, the SDS 6000 ensures that fabrics are meticulously inspected for seams, offering a seamless integration into quality control processes. This state-of-the-art technology is tailored for businesses striving for perfection in their products, reducing waste and enhancing production efficiency.



The GELEC Seam Detector SDS 6000 features sophisticated sensor technology capable of identifying seams across a diverse range of textiles, from the heaviest upholstery fabrics to the lightest garments. Its precision-engineered detection system operates flawlessly under various production speeds, ensuring no seam goes unnoticed, regardless of the fabric speed or thickness. This guarantees consistent product quality and minimizes the risk of defective products reaching your customers.

Backed by Microtex Corporation’s extensive experience in the textile industry, the GELEC Seam Detector SDS 6000 represents a commitment to quality and innovation. Our dedication to developing technologies that meet the real-world needs of manufacturers has made us a trusted partner in the textile industry. The SDS 6000 is not just a tool; it’s a solution designed to empower manufacturers to achieve higher standards of quality and efficiency.


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