Linear Position Transducer Atek

Starting with the ATEK Linear Position Transducer series, Microtex Corporation has established itself as a pivotal player in the realm of precision measurement and industrial automation. This series stands out not only for its diverse range, including the LTM, LTP, LTC, LTK, LT, LTR, LF, LFR, and LFM models, but also for its application-specific features designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern industries. From compact sizes ideal for confined spaces to models boasting absolute measurement capabilities that ensure reliability even in power loss scenarios, ATEK transducers are engineered for excellence. Their adaptability and performance in critical applications, such as plastic and metal injection machinery, underscore Microtex’s commitment to innovation and quality, further solidifying its status as a leader in the field.



Aspect Detail
Product Range LTM, LTP, LTC, LTK, LT, LTR, LF, LFR, LFM Series
Unique Features Angular movement, compact sizes, rodless systems, ABSOLUTE measurement
Applications Used in plastic and metal injection machines, among others
Contact Information Email:, Phone: +91-9903996854


Introduction to Linear Position Transducers

Linear Position Transducers are critical components in automation and control systems, allowing precise measurement of linear movements. These devices are essential in various industrial applications, providing accurate data for process control, machine feedback, and automation tasks.

ATEK Linear Position Transducer Series at Microtex

LTM Series

The LTM Series is renowned for its ease of use and installation. It’s widely utilized across the industry to measure linear movements using a one-sided actuating rod.

LTP and LTC Series

Both series are noted for their dual articulation, allowing for angular movement up to a maximum of 30°, making them adaptable for mounting and operation in diverse setups.

LTK Series

The LTK series stands out for its rodless and sliding system, which measures movement along the profile, ideal for applications requiring compact solutions.

LT and LTR Series

These series are characterized by their compact size and ABSOLUTE measurement capability, meaning they retain their position information even in the event of power loss. They are suitable for confined spaces and offer a variety of output options.

LF and LFR Series

Similar to the LT and LTR series, these transducers are designed for installation in limited spaces, with the key feature being that the movable shaft does not protrude from the transducer’s rear.

LFM Series

The LFM series, including models like the ATEK Linear Potentiometer LFM, is designed for longevity and reliability in various applications, including plastic and metal injection machines.

Applications and Features

ATEK Linear Position Transducers from Microtex are used across a wide range of fields, notably in plastic and metal injection machines. They are praised for their precision, durability, and versatility in various industrial applications.

Microtex Corporation’s offering of ATEK Linear Position Transducers exemplifies their commitment to providing high-quality, innovative solutions to the textile and industrial sectors. With a range of models designed to meet specific application needs, these transducers are an essential component for any automation or control system requiring precise linear movement measurement. For further details, exploring the specific product range, or inquiries, contact Microtex Corporation directly via their website.


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