Novotechnik TEX-0075-411-002-101

Microtex Corporation, a dynamic player in the industrial automation and textile machinery sector, introduces the NOVOTECHNIK MODEL: TEX-0075-411-002-101. This product is a testament to Microtex’s dedication to offering technologically advanced solutions. The NOVOTECHNIK rotary potentiometer is designed for precision and reliability, catering to a variety of industrial applications. It’s a standout choice for environments requiring exact position sensing. The TEX-0075-411-002-101 model, characterized by its accuracy, robustness, and adaptability, aligns with Microtex Corporation’s commitment to quality and customer-focused innovation, delivering exceptional performance and value to its users.



The NOVOTECHNIK Rotary Potentiometer MODEL: TEX-0075-411-002-101 is a part of the TEX Series, designed for demanding environments in industrial and off-road automotive applications. This series is notable for its flexibility in design and a wide range of mounting and connection configurations, making it compatible with various applications.

Key Features of the TEX Series, applicable to the TEX-0075-411-002-101 model, include:

  • Versatile Mounting Options: The series offers a variety of mounting configurations like return spring, bolt-through flanges, bushing mount, pivot head mount, snap clamps, rod end bearing, zero backlash ball coupling, and flange mount.
  • Connection Flexibility: It includes options for cable and connector configurations, enhancing its adaptability to different systems.
  • Robust Design for Tough Environments: Specifically designed to withstand challenging industrial and off-road automotive environments.
  • Precise Measurement: The TEX Series boasts outstanding linearity (to 0.05%) and repeatability (better than 0.01 mm), ensuring accurate position sensing.
  • Range of Stroke Lengths: The series is available in stroke lengths from 10 to 300 mm, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements.

Environmental Resilience: With a high protection class, the TEX Series is capable of operating effectively in a wide range of environmental conditions.

The TEX-0075-411-002-101 model, being a part of this series, inherits these qualities, making it an optimal choice for applications requiring reliable and precise position sensing in challenging conditions.


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