Setex Output Module DM 016

The Setex Output Module DM 016 is engineered for high performance, offering 16 output channels that provide precise control over connected devices and processes. This module is a critical component for any system requiring reliable output signal management, from manufacturing lines to complex machinery controls.



Implementing the Setex Output Module DM 016 into your automation projects opens up a new realm of possibilities for efficiency and control. This module is not just about managing outputs; it’s about empowering your systems to operate more cohesively and reliably, paving the way for advancements in automation that were previously out of reach.

In a sector where technology constantly evolves, the DM 016 serves as a critical tool in your arsenal, enabling you to leverage the latest in automation technology. Its integration signifies a step forward in achieving operational excellence, ensuring that your systems are not just capable of meeting current demands but are also poised to adapt to future challenges.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Control: Delivers robust output capabilities, enabling precise control of actuators, relays, and other devices.
  • High Reliability: Designed with industrial-grade components to ensure operational stability and longevity in harsh environments.
  • Easy Integration: Compatible with Setex control systems, allowing for seamless integration and simplified setup.
  • Compact Design: Its compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for systems where space is at a premium, without compromising on functionality or performance.


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