TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N181E100

The TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N181E100 from Microtex Corporation is a game-changer in industrial sensing, offering the precision, durability, and compatibility needed to drive forward the capabilities of high-tech industries. Its introduction marks a significant leap in the pursuit of operational excellence and innovation.



The TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N181E100 stands as a testament to Microtex Corporation’s commitment to innovation and quality. It is specifically designed to deliver precise rotational position feedback, essential for the accurate control and monitoring of machinery and equipment in critical applications.

Choosing the TS2640N181E100 resolver means more than just acquiring a component; it means gaining a partner in precision. Microtex Corporation offers unmatched support, from detailed documentation to expert technical assistance, ensuring the resolver delivers optimal performance in its application.


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