TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N671E110

The TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N671E110 from Microtex Corporation is more than just a component; it’s a solution designed to enhance the precision and reliability of your high-tech applications. With its unmatched accuracy, durability, and ease of integration, it stands as a cornerstone of innovation in industrial automation.



The TAMAGAWA Resolver – TS2640N671E110 sets a new standard for precision in rotational position sensing. Designed by Microtex Corporation, this resolver is tailored to meet the exacting requirements of high-tech industries. Its robust construction ensures reliable operation even in the most challenging environments.

Understanding the critical role of accurate position detection, Microtex Corporation has meticulously developed the TS2640N671E110 to deliver superior performance. Its precision engineering guarantees that your systems operate with the highest efficiency, reducing the margin of error to near zero.

This resolver is not just about precision; it’s also about versatility. Whether you’re upgrading existing systems or developing new projects, the TS2640N671E110 integrates seamlessly across various applications, offering flexibility without compromising on quality.


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