Balloon Squeezing Machine

The Balloon Squeezing Machine stands as a testament to Microtex Corp’s innovation in textile machinery, setting a benchmark for efficiency in the fabric dyeing and washing process. With a focus on sustainability and performance, this machine not only reduces water consumption but also improves the overall energy efficiency of textile production. As environmental concerns become increasingly paramount in the textile industry, adopting such technologies is crucial for manufacturers aiming to minimize their ecological footprint while maintaining high-quality standards. This commitment to innovation underscores Microtex Corp’s role as a leader in providing comprehensive solutions to the textile sector.



Feature Details
Design Purpose Specifically crafted for squeezing tubular knitted fabrics after dyeing and washing.
Operation Fully automated operation controlled by PLC for consistent and efficient fabric processing.
Dimensions 7000 x 5270 x 2482 mm, illustrating its significant size for industrial use.
Material Constructed from Stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.
Installed Power 18.2 kW, indicating its energy requirements for operation.
Related Products Includes Free Predryer Machine for Stender, Wet Fabric Reversing Machine, and more.
Manufacturer Microtex Corp, a company with over 13 years of industry experience headquartered in Kolkata, India.

The Balloon Squeezing Machine is a pivotal piece of equipment in the textile industry, engineered for the post-dyeing process of tubular knitted fabrics. Its primary function is to squeeze out excess water from fabrics after they have been dyed and washed, a critical step to ensure the quality and durability of the fabric before it moves on to the drying stage.

Specification and Features

The machine’s robust design is made from stainless steel, measuring a substantial size of 7000 x 5270 x 2482 mm and requires an installed power of 18.2 kW. Its automated operation is managed through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), ensuring precise control over the squeezing process to maintain fabric quality and texture.

Advantages for Textile Processing

Automating the squeezing process with such machinery brings numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, reduced labor costs, and consistent product quality. By incorporating the balloon squeezing machine into their operations, textile manufacturers can significantly improve the throughput of their dyeing and washing lines, while also minimizing the risk of fabric damage during processing.

Related Technologies and Products

Microtex Corp offers a range of related products that complement the balloon squeezing machine, including Free Predryer Machine for Stender and Wet Fabric Reversing Machine, among others. These products are designed to integrate seamlessly into the textile processing line, providing end-to-end solutions for fabric handling and treatment.

The Balloon Squeezing Machine represents a significant advancement in textile processing technology. With its automated operations, durability, and efficiency, it addresses critical needs within the dyeing and washing phases of fabric production. Microtex Corp, leveraging over 13 years of industry experience, remains at the forefront of offering innovative solutions to the textile industry, including this machine and a comprehensive range of related equipment.


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