Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine

The Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine marks a significant advancement in textile machinery, offering a revolutionary solution to the industry’s long-standing challenge of fabric entanglement during the dyeing process. Microtex Corporation, with its deep-rooted expertise and commitment to innovation, introduces this sensor technology to ensure smoother, more reliable dyeing operations. By preventing tangles and knots, the Tangle Sensor not only improves fabric quality but also reduces downtime and material waste, showcasing Microtex’s dedication to enhancing production efficiency and customer satisfaction in the textile sector.



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Keyword Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine
Website Microtex Corporation
Industry Application Textile Industry
Relevant Product Categories Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Spares, Industrial Automation, Level Sensor/ Transmitter
Main Offering Innovative Textile/Hosiery Machinery and Automation Solutions
Years in Business 13+ years
Headquarters Kolkata, India

Microtex Corporation, with over 13 years of industry experience, stands as a pivotal entity in the realm of textile and hosiery machinery. Specializing in a wide range of products from pneumatic cylinders to LCD displays, and including comprehensive machinery spares and accessories for both textile and non-textile industries, Microtex Corporation caters to a diversified client base. Among its innovative offerings, the company addresses the nuanced demands of the textile industry, including automation solutions like the Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine.

Exploring Microtex Corporation

About the Company

Microtex Corporation, rooted in Kolkata, India, is a privately-owned company that has carved a niche in the textile and hosiery machinery sector over the past 13+ years. Their portfolio spans a broad spectrum of industries, including textile, beverage, pet and perform testing, packaging, steel, chemical, oil & gas, and windmill industries, showcasing their versatility and capability to serve diverse sectors.

What Microtex Offers

Microtex’s product lineup is impressive, ranging from API Pneumatic Cylinders, Novotecnic Rotary Potentiometers, Pizzato Limit Switches, to sophisticated Allen Bradley Powerflex AC Drives. This array underpins their commitment to offering comprehensive machinery solutions. The company is not only focused on the sales of these products but also ensures that they meet the production objectives of their customers through reliability, productivity, and efficiency enhancements.

Industry Application

The textile industry, being their prime focus, benefits significantly from Microtex’s innovative solutions. The Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine is one such example, tailor-made to improve the dyeing process’s efficiency and quality. This technology is critical in ensuring that the fabric remains free from tangles during the dyeing process, a common challenge in the textile industry that can lead to significant material waste and downtime.

Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine: A Closer Look

The Thies Dyeing Machine is renowned for its precision and efficiency in fabric dyeing. The addition of a Tangle Sensor enhances this process by monitoring the fabric’s movement and adjusting the machine’s parameters to prevent fabric entanglement. This sensor plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of the dyeing process, ensuring uniform color distribution, and minimizing the risk of fabric damage.

Importance in the Textile Industry

In the textile industry, the quality of dyeing can significantly influence the final product’s marketability. The Tangle Sensor technology provided by Microtex Corporation for Thies Dyeing Machines represents a leap forward in achieving high-quality dyeing outcomes, reinforcing the importance of innovation in maintaining industry competitiveness.

Customer Relationship and After-sales Support

Microtex Corporation places a strong emphasis on customer relationships and after-sales support. Recognizing the significance of machinery investment, Microtex ensures ongoing support and maintenance to safeguard their products’ proper and safe operation throughout their life cycle. This commitment extends to the Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machines, where customers can expect comprehensive support to maximize their investment’s value and performance.


The Tangle Sensor for Thies Dyeing Machine is a testament to Microtex Corporation’s innovative approach to the textile industry’s challenges. By integrating such technologies into their offerings, Microtex not only enhances the efficiency and quality of the dyeing process but also underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and industry advancement. With a solid foundation in automation solutions and a keen focus on customer needs, Microtex Corporation continues to be a key player in the textile machinery landscape, driving progress and innovation


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