Fongs LCD Display- SP14Q0006 FC 30 EX

Introduce a new level of clarity and control to your industrial systems with the Fongs LCD Display – SP14Q0006, meticulously designed to work in harmony with the Fongs FC 30 EX PLC/Controller. This state-of-the-art LCD display delivers crisp, clear visuals that ensure vital operational data is always accessible and understandable, facilitating smarter, faster decision-making. Tailored for the rigors of industrial use, the SP14Q0006 is the perfect upgrade for environments demanding high reliability and an intuitive user interface, complementing the sophisticated capabilities of the FC 30 EX.



The Fongs LCD Display – SP14Q0006 represents a leap forward in control system interface design, providing users with an unparalleled view into the operations of the FC 30 EX PLC/Controller. By bridging the gap between complex control processes and user accessibility, this LCD display stands as a testament to Fongs’s vision of creating user-friendly, highly efficient industrial automation solutions. Integrating the SP14Q0006 with your FC 30 EX controller not only amplifies operational clarity but also propels your systems towards greater productivity and adaptability. It’s an investment in achieving a higher standard of precision and ease-of-use in your automation efforts, setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in industrial control technology.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Display Quality: Features a high-resolution screen that provides outstanding clarity and readability under various lighting conditions.
  • Designed for FC 30 EX: Offers flawless integration with the Fongs FC 30 EX, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup and operation.
  • Industrial Durability: Built to endure tough industrial conditions, guaranteeing consistent, reliable performance.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Enhances the interaction with the FC 30 EX system, making monitoring and adjustments more intuitive and effective.


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